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Resume Help

·         Tips and Tricks from University of North Texas

·         Resume Samples for Texas Tech University

·         Texas State’s Resume Help

LinkedIn Setup

·         LinkedIn For Students

·         LinkedIn Profile Checklist

·         Forbes’ Guide to the LinkedIn Students App

Interview Tips

·         Texas State’s Interview Tips

·         Elite Eight Interview Tips – Texas A&M

·         Business Professional vs Business Casual

Cover Letter Assistance


·         In-depth Letter Guide from UT Dallas

·         Texas State’s Cover Letter Resource

Job Search Strategies

·         ACC’s Center for Experiential Learning

·         Texas State’s Online Job Search Tips

Building a Portfolio

·         Building a Portfolio with Texas State

Informational Interviewing

·         UT Austin Tips & Tools

·         Texas State’s Guide to Informational Interviewing


·         Negotiating Salary & Job Offer Guide from UT Austin

·         How to Showcase Your Military Experience

·         Other Helpful Guides from Texas State