CATEMA Quick Start Guide for Educators

One-Time Registration for First-Time Users

Create Your Account (first-time users only)

  1. Log on to our ACCTech Home Page
  2. Click on the CATEMA button.
  3. Click on New Teacher > Create Account (top tool bar).
  4. Follow prompts to create your user account, click ‘Next,’ and then ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to approve registration.

An email will be sent to ACCTech notifying us that you are registering online as a new teacher/administrator. We will reply via email as soon as possible to let you know that your account has been approved. You may then log in and start entering your class information.

Annual Registration for All Teachers/Administrators

STEP 1: Create Your Classes

  1. Go to, click on CATEMA to find CATEMA System Login page; use your User Name and Password to log in.
  2. On the Teacher Task Menu, click ‘Add New Classes.’
  3. Follow the prompts to create a class record and click Submit. Repeat the process for each class you wish to add. You should have a class record for each of your class periods.

An email notice will be generated for the class records you are creating. You will be notified when your classes have been approved and students can begin to register for them.

STEP 2: Direct Students to Create Their Accounts and Class Records

Go to, click on CATEMA blue button.

  1. New students first create their user account by selecting ‘New Student’ > ‘Create Account’ on the Login page. ‘User Names’ and ‘Passwords’ will be automatically generated, using the students’ personal information. Ask the students to note their User Name and Password, and save it in a safe location. This is a permanent account.  Students must use their school district student ID number.
  2. On the New Enrollment page, students “enroll” in their classes. They should continue until they have created records for each of their ACCTech classes.

STEP 3: Verify Students’ Records

Once students are “enrolled” in a class, teachers must “accept/verify” them in that class.

  1. Go to, click on CATEMA blue button.
  2. From the Teacher Task Menu, Select View Class List.
  3. To “Accept” students, click the blue arrow button in “Students” box; on the right side of each class record listed. (The numbers in the Student column represent the number of students pending your acceptance, accepted, not yet rated, and students recommended).
  4. On the class Roster of students, you may:
    • Click the student # to correct student applications if necessary,
    • Click the Student name to view/edit personal information; and
    • Select ‘Yes’ to accept/approve him/her for that class.
  5. Click Submit when you’ve approved one or more the students, and then click the Review Classes link (top right) to return to your list of classes.

STEP 4: Rate Students/Make End-of-Class Recommendations

  1. Go to, click on CATEMA blue button.
  2. From the Teacher Task Menu, Select View Class List.
  3. For each student enrollment record, make your Credit Recommendation on the class roster for each class. If applicable, complete student competency profile ratings, and enter grades. Records must be rated/completed before the end of the system school year..

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