CATEMA Quick Start Guide for Students

Create Class Enrollment Records

STEP 1. Create Your Account (first-time users only)

  1. Log on to our ACCTech Home Page at
  2. Click on the CATEMA button.
  3. Click on New Student > Create Account (top tool bar).
  4. Follow the prompts to create your user account and click Submit. Your user name and password will be automatically generated, based on your personal information (See the explanation below).

After your new student account has been created, make note of your user name and password, and save it in a safe location. You must then “enroll” in your ACCTech classes. Please DON’T LOG OUT YET! Enter your class enrollment records.

STEP 2. Enter Class Enrollment Records

Create an enrollment record at the start of each ACCTech class you are taking. Simply select the following from the drop-down lists and click Submit:

  • High School
  • Teacher
  • Class Name
  • Class Period
  • Career Interest

Once your new account has been created, and you have “enrolled” in your classes, you may Log Out.

Since you may be returning to the site to enroll in more ACCTech classes, remember your user name and password. While logged in, you can view your class history and teacher recommendations, and update personal information.

Auto Generated User Name and Password

The user name is created by combining the following characters:

  • First 3 letters of the high school name (lower case)
  • First letter of the first name (lower case)
  • First 3 letters of the last name (lower case)
  • Birth day – 2 digits (01, 02, 03, 31) ; example – birthday July 9 – use 09

EXAMPLE: For Central High School student Barry Jones, born on July 9 … the user name will be ‘cenbjon09.’

The password is created in a similar manner:

  • First (3) three letters of the high school name (lower case)
  • Last (6) six digits of your school district student ID number

EXAMPLE: Barry Jones from Central High School with a student ID number of  610121… The password will be ‘cen610121.’

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