Academic Master Plan 2020 – 2025

Arts, Digital Media, and Communications
Academic Master Plan 2020 – 2025

“Creative Collaboration”

Please add comments that support the following Strategic Themes:

A. Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

B. Teaching and Learning

1. Experiential Learning
2. Active and Collaborative Learning
3. Evidence of Student Learning and Preparation
4. The Future of Teaching and Learning

C. The Student Experience

1. Student Engagement
2. Student Advocacy

D. Program Development

E. Partnerships

F. New Theme (open ended)

2 Replies to “Academic Master Plan 2020 – 2025”

  1. I wanted to be sure we captured the thought that to provide access, there need to be facilities at outer area campuses for the creative arts. This may mean partnering with others close to those campuses. For example, partnering with HCISD for utilization of the PAC Center space (perhaps trading for an agreement on an ECHS on ACC property there) for Theater, Art Gallery, etc.

  2. Another thought aimed at assisting students in successful completion of a degree or certificate and achieving their career goal is to provide access to an objective career assessment measuring both career aptitudes and interests.  Having this type of assessment available to all students will encourage them to explore career areas they may never have considered or didn’t know existed and will help them discover talents they may not have been aware of. Their talents and interests can then be matched to appropriate degree and training programs, saving the student both time and money by choosing a major early in their college career. 

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