AFA Spring Meeting

Without adjuncts, Austin Community College could not function. Most of the classes taught are by adjuncts. The Adjunct Faculty Association does its best to ensure that adjuncts employed at the college get treated and compensated fairly. During the spring general meeting of the AFA on April 13, past, current, and future presidents of the association laid out recent accomplishments and visions of what still needs to be accomplished. If you are an adjunct and have not attended one of these meetings, consider coming out this fall for fellowship with your peers and to learn how you can contribute.

Vanessa Faz

Past president of the AFA, Vanessa Faz, an adjunct government professor, opens the meeting and provides introductions.

Samantha Ackers

Upcoming president of the AFA, Samantha Ackers, an adjunct professor of English and student development, lays out what her philosophical position will be when she is president and outlines what she hopes to accomplish.

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