Association of Professional-Technical Employees

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Welcome! The Association of Professional-Technical Employees (APTE) is an employee association based on the college’s personnel classification system. You become a member of APTE when you are hired as a professional-technical employee. The other employee associations at ACC are the Full-Time Faculty Senate, Adjunct Faculty Association, and Classified Employee Association. Providing leadership and support services to the professional-technical employees of ACC.

The mission of APTE is to provide leadership and support services to the professional-technical employees of the college in order to facilitate ACC’s mission of promoting student success and improving communities.

APTE will pursue its mission by:

  • Influencing and participating in the shared governance of ACC, both in terms of specific employee group concerns and the mission of the College;
  • Improving the visibility of the Professional-Technical employees by supporting their involvement and representation on college committees, councils, task forces, and the like;
  • Urging the College to provide educational and career opportunities commensurate with professional growth needs and requirements for all Professional-Technical employees;
  • Providing ACC administrators with a comprehensive and representative Professional- Technical employee perspective in regard to compensation, benefits, professional development, programming, and institutional development;
  • Serving as a resource of concerned higher educational professionals for ACC and its service area;
  • Collaborating with other employee associations and the Student Government Association to ensure the delivery of quality educational services; and
  • Participating in and coordinating activities in collaboration with local, state, and national higher educational organizations.