On Monday, June 20, 1994, at 11:05 a.m., in the Board Room at DAO, Dr. Rod Fluker, Sr. opened the first meeting of ACC Professional-Technical employees convened for the purpose of creating a formal association. Of the 119 professional-technical employees of ACC, 66 were present. Dr. Bill Segura spoke to the group, giving an overview of the need for employee group participation in shared governance of the College. Dr. Luanne Allen was appointed chair of the Constitution Committee charged with recommending an organizational structure and communications network. Pauline Hargrave was appointed chair of the Issues Committee charged with identifying and designing a method of addressing issues of concern to Prof-Tech employees. Albert Perez and Roy McGhee were selected to represent the group at the upcoming President’s Cabinet retreat.

On Thursday, August 19, 1994, the group ratified its constitution and became known officially as the Association of Professional-Technical Employees of Austin Community College.

On September 30, 1994, officers and representatives were elected to guide APTE in its inaugural year: President, Dale Butler; President-Elect, Penny Levisay; Vice President, Roy McGhee; Secretary/Treasurer, Doris Bailey; Parliamentarian, Joe Winer; and Representatives to the Executive Council, Terry Bazan, Herb Coleman, Rod Fluker, Sr., Deanna Hubbard, Debra Iversen, Marilyn Lee, and Dan Washam.