2+2 Transfer Program

Gallaudet University has established collaborative agreements with Austin Community College to boost educational opportunities for future sign language interpreters. The partnership allows students in the two-year Associate of Applied Science degree in Interpreter Training program at ACC to transfer credits into Gallaudet’s four-year Bachelor of Arts in Interpretation (BAI) program. Students will live and study with deaf and hard of hearing people from the United States and abroad on Gallaudet’s bilingual campus. Gallaudet is the only university in the world to offer interpretation programs from the bachelor’s level to the doctorate level within a sign language immersive environment. Gallaudet’s award-winning interactive interpretation laboratories prepare students for a high-demand career through hands-on training in a variety of medical, business, education, and government settings.

Margaret Coffey, ACC ’15, Gallaudet ’16-present

Austin Community College provided me with the tools to make a successful transition to Gallaudet University. Equipped with an ACC “interpreting toolbox” assorted with wrenches, screwdrivers, and hammers aplenty, I entered Gallaudet’s BAI program fully prepared for whatever they could throw at me.

At Gallaudet, invaluable experiences have been and will continue to be had as I am further prepared for the interpreting profession and interaction within the Deaf community as an interpreter. I am confident that with the completion of both ACC and Gallaudet’s training programs, I will be a consummate interpreter, ready to meet the challenges of this profession in the real world

Lucas King, ACC ’12-’14, Gallaudet ’14-’16

My experiences at both ACC and Gallaudet have been invaluable. ACC taught me the in-depth processes, interpreting skills, and self-analysis tools to establish a strong foundation as an interpreter. Gallaudet has given me the opportunity to continue building upon this foundation while also being completely immersed in the Deaf community. Not only have I been able to improve my language skills, but I have come to understand the struggles and challenges faced by the Deaf community, those of whom include my professors, peers, and role models. For all of these reasons and more, my experiences at both colleges have molded me into a better individual, personally and professionally.

Kristi Luna, ACC ’12-’14, Gallaudet ’14-’16

Austin Community College was a successful kick-start to my future career as an interpreter. Grateful for the exceptional professors and tutors at ACC, they laid out the foundation for not only Interpreting but ASL as a language and culture as well. Since then, I have carried over those useful tools to Gallaudet as to which I’m progressively learning more about interpreting techniques meanwhile in a fully immersed environment.