Program FAQ

ACC ASL Interpreter Program

3. Is this program 100% online?

Currently, not all courses are offered online. We have a few ASL and interpreting online courses offered. Check our current semester schedule that is listed under DIL for online classes.

7. Where can I find the ACC Course Schedule?

8. Where are ASL and interpreting classes offered?

9. I took ASL courses in high school or other college. I have previous experience with ASL and would like to get ASL courses waived. What do I need to do?

Every transfer student and prospective ASL student who has ASL knowledge will be required to book an appointment for an ACC ASL Course Challenge Exam (ACCE) here.

If you register in class without taking course challenge exam, you will be removed from class before 2nd week of semester.

10. Where can I find the ASL & Interpreter Training Certificate and Degree Plans?

11. I want to become an interpreter. What do I need to do?

An AA degree is required for eligibility to take BEI interpreting certification test.

There are two certifications.

12. How long is the program?

ASL Studies Certificate: 1 to 2 years depending on your choice of taking summer courses.

AA Degree in Interpreting: 2 to 4 years depending on your choice of taking summer courses and level of ASL competency.

Degree Plan Map

13. Where can I find a copy of ACC Degree Tracking form?

14. Can I take two ASL classes concurrently?

No, you will not be able to take two ASL classes at the same time. Please review ACC Degree Tracking Worksheet and understand each course’s pre-requisite.