Greetings and thank you for your interest in our internship program!  We have a number of passionate and talented students studying the field of ASL and Interpreting who are looking for additional hands-on experiences and the opportunity to grow with a mentor. Our internship course is one of the last classes scheduled prior to graduation after students complete Interpreting III course.

Benefits to the Mentors:
An internship is a pre-professional work experience that provides students the opportunity to gain experience in the interpreting field; while also allowing the mentor and agency to participate in the educational process for the students. You also may earn CEUs from mentoring.

Learning Objectives

  • Refine emerging interpreting, interpersonal skills and decision-making skills in order to enter the field.
  • Reflect on ”real-life” experiences, examine assumptions and make critical discoveries that are not possible in classroom settings
  • Observe, participate with, and receive guidance from experienced practitioners 
  • Assess performance and set goals for on going skills development
  • Develop a personal philosophy of practice
  • Develop other critical skills while on internship, including: Problem solving, flexibility, creative thinking and taking personal responsibility for their decisions/actions

Student Requirements

  • Maintain all paperwork
  • Complete Professional Development Plan
  • Complete 192 hours during the internship period
  • Attend four mandatory in-class sessions
  • Submit weekly Logs signed by mentors to ACC internship professor

Mentors Obligations

  • Provide a meaningful and professional experience
  • Provide student with opportunities to valuable experience
  • Meet weekly with the intern and debrief
  • Sign on the student’s weekly logs
  • The student will be placed in an appropriate employment situation which provides an opportunity to apply knowledge and skills acquired during collegiate training