ASLIT Lab will be closed at noon on Wednesday, November 21.


We are open

Fall 2018: September 4 – December 7
M – Th: 8 AM – 8 PM
F: 8 AM – 1 PM


When lab is not available while a class is in use, our tutoring sessions will continue in an alternative location. Click here Lab Closure Schedule

Lab Etiquette

  1. 100% ASL environment
  2. Turn your phone to silent mode
  3. No food or beverages
  4. iMacs are for ASL-related assignments
Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


  • Tutoring Sessions
  • iMac, built-in HD camera and internet access
  • Backdrops & Lights for video recording
  • Activities: Step & Sign and ASL Chat
  • Textbooks
  • Interpreting Stations with headphones & mics

ASLIT Lab is here to serve our students.

What's ASLIT Lab?

Using ASLIT Lab

Tutoring Sessions

Make a Reservation


All the sessions are 30 minutes long. Please be sure to let the tutor know what you would like to do.

Individual Tutoring Session: A session at the lab. You can invite up to 4 classmates to join your session.

Online Tutor Session: A session through computer and high speed internet. Online accepts up to 3 ASL students.

Group Study Session: A session for students who want to study 30 minutes in prior to test. This will be open to students in that class only.

Walk-In Session: You may walk in and do a tutoring session. Ask tutor to see if there is a tutoring session available but it is not a guarantee because tutoring session booked real fast. Advice: reserve it through Tutor Reservation.

Homework Help Desk: This is not for Tutor Session. We are able to help with your homework.

When can I reserve?

  • You are able to see two weeks of tutoring sessions at a time. You may reserve sessions for the new week on Mondays at 8am.
  • You may reserve 2 sessions per day during the actual week. When the following week becomes the actual week, you can reserve more sessions.

(To cancel your session, click on your reservation (red) to revert back to purple)

(You must already have a reservation.)

(Homework Help Desk is not a tutoring session. We can help with your question relates to your homework, about ASLIT Lab or not understand signs from TWA video. It’s good up to 10 minutes)

  • is currently only supported by latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Vivaldi
  • You can have video conversations with up to 3 people at once.
  • High Speed with at least 20 mbps . If you have low quality internet, we will need to cancel your tutoring session.
  • Solid backdrop and quiet background (please, no distraction).

Study shows that students who visit lab more than 15 times a semester score 9 points higher than their classmates who do not.

Deaf Community Events


What do I do if I can't make it to a tutoring session?

Please cancel your reservation. If you are not able to do so, either call us at 512-410-6538 or email us at and let us know.

If you don’t let us know, then that will be considered as a no-show. If you have a total of three no shows, the tutor reservation website will block you from signing up for more sessions for two weeks. That information will be shown above the tutor reservation schedule when you sign in.

What kind of events are we involved in?

Austin has one of largest Deaf communities in the United States. Our ACC students happen to be fortunate to have their campus merely three miles from Texas School for the Deaf where often there are Deaf events happening in our close-knit community. We support students in attending to either observe and support Deaf events or immerse by doing volunteer work with a vast array of organizations on a range of events, from sports games to formal receptions.

Why should I get involved with Deaf events?

Immersion and Networking! Networking is perhaps the most crucial tool you can utilize to find job opportunities. To be competent in ASL at a certain level, it requires immersion in Deaf culture and an ASL environment. This cannot be acquired only through the classroom environment. Mastering a language requires using language with native speakers. Just as learners of Spanish go to Mexico to gain exposure and knowledge to the language and culture. So learners of ASL need to be immersed in the culture and language of Deaf people. This requires attending Deaf events to immerse yourself in the language and the culture, which is part of developing ASL competency. Austin provides numerous opportunities for students to gain this exposure and students are encouraged to participate in as many Deaf events as possible. Prospective employers and clients not only want to see that you comprehend the language, but that you have demonstrated how you can handle working in a fast-paced, high-stress environment.

How do you get our attention at Homework Help Desk Live screen?

Call us at ASLIT Lab 512-410-6538. We will see light flasher to get your attention.

How can I get my Lab Attendance Summary?

You can find your Lab Attendance Summary here. For instruction, check here.

Can I print paper at ASLIT Lab?

No, we do not have a printer for students. You can print at the library and/or learning labs.

Can I use other Lab on a different campus?

The following Learning Labs have webcams that can be used to attend Online Tutor sessions and/or to complete homework videos.
HYS- Room # 1205
SAC- Room # 1138.5 and 1138.6 (Group Study Rooms)
PIN- Room # 600
RVS- Building G Room # 9100
CYP- Room # 2121.7
HLC- @ ACCelerator Lab

Student Testimonials

Erica Moilanen
Through ASLIT program, I have made life long friendships not only through classmates, but also in the lab. The lab makes learning significantly easier and much more fun. Although useful as a study atmosphere, the lab is pleasantly engaging. When possible, I liked playing a game or having casual conversations with the tutors. My experience in the ASLIT was one of the best experiences in my life. When anyone is seemingly interested in learning ASL I recommend Austin Community College’s ASLIT program, even if they are not interested in becoming an Interpreter.

Anne Roberts, ASL 3
The ACC ASLIT Lab has been incredibly beneficial in my learning of ASL. The tutors have helped me learn a lot and that in-person interaction with native ASL users is so valuable. The computers and curtains make it easy to create my video assignments and access the movies required by my classes. I am very thankful for the ACC ASL IT Lab and will keep going there as long as I’m an ACC ASL student (and maybe afterward too, just to say “Hi.”) I hope to see the ACC ASL IT Lab grow. It is a vital part of really learning ASL at ACC.