ASLIT Lab Orientation

Welcome to ASLT Lab!

This orientation is required to be completed by each student in each semester. Please visit our ASLIT Lab website and review this page before you take ASLIT Lab orientation quiz in Blackboard. Have a great semester!

What is ASLIT Lab for?

Using ASLIT Lab

Tutor Reservation

Tutoring Sessions

Cultural Experience


Does Online Tutoring have rules?


  1. Please wear appropriate dress code. ( NO Pajamas).
  2. Bright room/ Turn light on if your room is dark.
  3. Please do not get distracted while online tutoring. Make sure that your kids don’t disturb you.
  4. Find a good room with a solid background (no people walk around in the background and bedroom and bathroom are not permitted).
  5. Looking for a strong WIFI signal in a room or connecting ethernet to your laptop. (High Recommend)

Who are Lab staff?

Go to the Lab Staff page to learn more about us.

What does the ASLIT Lab have?

We have:

  • Desks with iMac Desktops and internet access
  • Built in HD Camera
  • Backdrops for filming
  • Light for filming
  • Tutors
  • ASL delivery assistance
  • Tables for tutoring or studying

What is ASLIT Lab's email address and/or phone number?

Email address:

Videophone number: 512-410-6538

Tutor Reservation website:

Owen Horr, Senior Lab Assistant

Carlos Gomez, Lab Assistant

Where is the ASLIT Lab? What are the operating hours?

Rio Grande Campus 3000 Building Room #3225.

1218 West Ave

Austin, TX 78701


ASLIT Lab Hours Summer 2017:

Mondays-Thursdays 8:00am-7:00pm

Every Friday 8:00am-1:00pm. No Saturday

Where can I find Deaf Events?

What are my options if the lab is closed?

When classes reserve the lab for unit tests, we always move to a different room. The only difference in our services when this happens is there are no computers. You can bring your own laptop or tablet if you need to do your homework or videos.

Which room do I go to? Look for the numbers in brackets.

Where can I find the videos that are only available at the ASLIT Lab?

You can find them in a film folder to the left from the trash icon on the iMac dock.

What kind of tutoring sessions are offered?

All the sessions are 30 minutes long. Please be sure to let the tutor know what you would like to do.

Individual Tutoring Session: A session at the lab. You can invite up to 4 classmates to join your session for a total of 5 students.

Online Tutor Session: A session using computer and high speed internet. This is limited to one student. Use If you have any question, call me.

Group Study SessionA session for interested students who want to study 30 minutes before class test. This will be open to students in that class only.

Walk-In Session: You don’t have to reserve a session. You can walk in and do a tutoring session if you see a sign that says: Tutoring Session: AVAILABLE. If you want to be guaranteed a tutoring session at a particular time then its better to reserve a session.

Homework Help Desk: This is not for Tutor Session. We are able to help with your question about your homework, any words for signs, don’t understand someone’s signs in the video that you’ve never seen signs before, ask us. Ask about Deaf Events, and any questions related to ASLIT Lab. Check Online Tutor Reservation Instructions video. 

What do I do if I can't make it to a tutoring session?

Please cancel your reservation. If you are not able to do so, either call us at 512-410-6538 or email us at and let us know.

If you don’t let us know, then that will be considered as a no-show. If you have a total of three no shows, the tutor reservation website will block you from signing up for more sessions for two weeks. That information will be shown above the tutor reservation schedule when you sign in.

How do I sign up for an online tutoring session?

Online Tutoring Session Reservation on the right side. Click on:

Click on the link and watch it. After that, If you have any questions, call us at 512-410-6538 to discuss the information.

When can I reserve a tutoring session?

You will only be able to see two weeks of tutoring sessions at a time. You can start reserving sessions for the new week on Mondays at 8am.

You can reserve 2 sessions per day during the actual week, while you can only reserve two sessions per week on the following week. When the following week becomes the actual week , you can reserve more sessions after 8am on Mondays.

Does ASLIT Lab have rules?

  1. No English mouthing or voicing
  2. Turn your phone off
  3. No beverages or food at the lab
  4. No browsing on the internet if it is not related to ASL.

You will be asked to leave for the day if you don’t follow the rules.

Does ASLIT Lab Online Tutoring have rules?

  1. Appropriate Dress Code. (NO Pajamas or Sport Bra)
  2. Looking for a strong WIFI signal in a room or connecting Ethernet to your laptop.
  3. Find a clean room and background. (Make sure that no people are behind you in the background. Laying on the bed and bathroom are definitely NOT permitted. Stay away from bright windows.
  4. Must have a bright room or turn light on if your room is dark.
  5. Please do not get distracted while tutoring. Make sure that your kids don’t disturb you while you have a online tutoring session.

You will be asked to close your online tutoring session (No Show) if you don’t follow the rules.

How can I get proof on my Cultural Experience attendance for my teacher?

add video

Can I print papers at ASLIT Lab?

No, we do not have a printer for students. You can print at the library and/or learning labs.

Do I need to make a reservation to attend the Lab?

No. You can walk in at anytime to get support from our lab staff.

Click here to sign up for the tutoring session:

I live far from RGC. Where do I go for ASLIT Lab support?

The following Learning Labs have webcams that can be used attend Online Lab Activity Sessions and complete video assignments.
HYS– Room # 1205
SAC– Room # 1138.5 and 1138.6
PIN– Room # 600
RVS– Building G Room # 9100
CYP– Room # 2121.7
HLC– ACCelerator Lab

Which online platform do I use for online tutoring?