Required Supplies by Course

ACC AutoBody Dept. Supply List


Safety glasses
Ear plugs
P100 cartridge respirator (3M# 07183)
Organic Cartridge Respirator (3M # 37079)
Disposable Nitrile gloves (box)

ABDR 1315

Metric socket sets 8mm-18mm (long and or short)
¼, 3/8, drive ratchets and extensions
Screwdriver set
Plastic trim removal set
Metric wrench set 8mm-18mm
Safety glasses
Mechanic gloves (Leather)
Torx wrench set

ABDR 1419/ 1441/ 1442/ 1449

Safety glasses
Mechanic gloves (Leather)
Ear muffs or plugs
Metric measuring tape ( ABDR 1441,1442)
P100 cartridge respirator (3M# 07183)
Disposable nitrile gloves (box)
Disposable spreader board (Wax paper type)
Disposable spreaders(50)
Paint suit (breathable), or Overalls for working with fiberglass (ABDR1449)
Baby powder (ABDR 1449)

ABDR 1431/1458 / 2449/ 2453/ 2451

Safety glasses/ goggles
Ear plugs
Organic cartridge respirator (3M # 37079)
Disposable medium weight nitrile gloves
Paint suit (breathable)
4” squeegee (3M# 05517)
447Gravity feed HVLP spray gun 1.3,1.4,1.5 mm (Devilbiss Finishline recommended)
Air regulator and high flow coupler (devilbiss regulator recommended)
Paint gun lube

Air brush Iwata HP-CS eclipse (2451)

ABDR 1307/ 2447

Mig Welding Gloves
Wire side cutters
P100 cartridge respirator (3M# 07183)
Safety Glasses
Cotton or leather welding Jacket
4 pair vise grip clamps
Ear plugs
Welding Cap

Stainless steel wire brush (2447)





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