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BACK TO WORK 50+ Contact Information

If you are not yet in the BACK TO WORK 50+ program, get enrolled by calling the national AARP Foundation BACK TO WORK 50+ number in the red box on this page.

For those already enrolled in the program, please find contact information below for BACK TO WORK 50+ at Austin Community College:

Coaching and Training Program

Katie McClendon, Supervisory Coach: email:, phone: 512-223-7453

Kathy Lansford: email:, phone: 512-223-7488

Sandra Carruthers: email:, phone: 512-223-7488

Tina McGaughey: email:, phone: 512-223-7349

Computer Information Technology Student Support

Judy Arriaga: email:, phone: 512-223-5032

Job Placement and Outreach

Samuel Greer, Ph.D: email:, phone: 512-223-7008

Clark Shaffer: email:, phone: 512-223-7005