BGTCM faculty attend FCTL Riverboat Cruise

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From left to right: Travis Mann, Kathie Goldsmith, Wayne Butler, Debi Martin, Amanda Crocker, Allyson Whipple, and Kathleen Shapley attend the Riverboat Cruise

On May 4th, members of BGTCM attended the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning Riverboat Cruise. Dr. Missi Patterson and her FCTL colleagues gave ACC faculty a night of both work and play. In addition to some professional development activities, attendees enjoyed an excellent meal, a beautiful view of the city, and the opportunity to connect with colleagues from other campuses and departments.

Jacob Fraire, President and CEO of the Texas Association of Community Colleges, gave a talk about the 60x30TX initiative. The TACC, in collaboration with the Community College Association of Texas Trustees, has launched 60x30TX to improve affordability, access, and performance of community colleges. Faculty welcomed the ability to hear first-hand information from an established policy professional about specific actions that organizations are taking to improve student success, and ensure faculty are included in policy discussions.’

After the talk, faculty participated in a scavenger hunt activity that allowed us to connect and learn about teaching strategies, ACC resources, and words of wisdom we hadn’t considered before. The chance to talk to colleagues who we don’t always have the chance to with provided invaluable experience, and was the highlight of the event.

Members of the FCTL also took time to recognize Dr. Patterson’s hard work not just for this event, but for everything she’s done as Assistant Dean of Faculty Development. Dr. Patterson is stepping down from her role to spend more time in the classroom. She has built an incredible legacy with the FCTL. We’re grateful for everything she’s done to help faculty connect with and learn from each other.

The academic year is winding down, but we look forward to seeing what wonderful opportunities that FCTL has for us this summer, in the fall, and beyond.

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