Business & Government Communications

The Certificate and the Associate of Applied Science in the Business & Government Specialization are designed for information specialists in business and government who write a lot in their work but who are not trained as writers and whose job titles do not include “writer.” Courses include developing print, online, and graphic materials; writing grant and new-business proposals as well as effective business correspondence; handling statistical material both in text as well as in tables, charts, and graphs; using software applications common to the business and government work environments; and, most importantly, practicing clear succinct direct writing that is carefully adapted to its intended audience and that gets the job done.

Certificate and degree plans are flexible; courses can be substituted from the other specialization. Contact the department chairperson.

Associate of Applied Science

You can find the most recent degree plan (2015-2016) at the ACC catalogue.

Recommended Electives

Courses offered by the Visual Communication program and by the Computer Information Systems program are highly recommended for careers in technical communication. You can learn more about course offerings by visiting their respective websites:


You can find the most recent certificate plan (2015-2016) at the ACC catalogue.

Continuing Education Certificate

Take six of these courses (the more the better) to earn the CE certificate:

  • ETWR 1901 Introduction to Technical Writing (ENGL 2311 for credit)
  • ETWR 1074 Graphics for Business, Government and Technical Information (ETWR 1374 for credit)
  • ETWR 1073 Government and Business Correspondence (ETWR 1373 for credit)
  • ETWR 1078 Administrative Policy Writing (ETWR 1378 for credit)
  • BTCM 2078 Green Rhetoric: Communicating Sustainability (BTCM 2378 for credit)
  • ETWR 1079 Careers and Professionalism (ETWR 1379 for credit)
  • ETWR 1076 Grant Proposal and Business Plans (ETWR 1376 for credit)

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