Business & Government Courses

Government and Business Correspondence

Course Number: ETWR 1373
CE Number: 1073
Course Description: A course focused on business correspondence delivered through common media (business letters, memos, e-mail, and reports), across organizational hierarchies (work associates at lower, same, and higher organizational levels), and based in typical situations (good news, bad news, policy and schedule changes, information requests, reprimands, rationales, denials, and other tricky business-communication situations). Emphasizes clear, tactful, succinct, direct, well-structured writing that gets the job done.
For more information, see the master syllabus.

Grant Proposals and Business Plans

Course Number: ETWR 1376
CE Number: ETWR 1076
Course Description: A study of two important forms of the proposal: the grant proposal and the new-business plan (also known as business “prospectus”). Students learn how to find grants, analyze their requirements, and then write a successful grant proposal. Students also plan a business startup, do funding and marketing research for it, and then write a business plan promoting the startup to potential investors.
For more information, see the master syllabus.

Administrative Policy Writing

Course Number: ETWR 1378
CE Number: ETWR 1078
Course Description: Study, critique, planning, writing, and revising of administrative rules, guidance documents, inspection reports, and policy-procedure documents commonly developed in government and business agencies; a survey of existing standards and guidelines for the preparation of these documents.
For more information, see the master syllabus.

Careers and Professionalism

Course Number: ETWR 1379
Course Description: In this course, students prepare for careers as technical communicators (or information specialists) by developing resumes and portfolios, searching for jobs in the profession, practicing interview skills, attending meetings and joining a professional society, shadowing a professional technical communicator on the job, reading about the key issues in the profession, learning about the history of the profession, and exploring the future of the profession. Contact the instructor prior to enrollment.
For more information, see the master syllabus.

Advanced Business Communication

Course Number: ETWR 2377
Course Description: Theory and skills necessary to effective written, oral and electronic communication in the modern business environment.
For more information, see the master syllabus.

Green Rhetoric: Communicating Sustainability

Course Number: BTCM 2378
CE Number: BTCM 2078
Course Description: This course focuses on applying our understanding of professional and technical communication to the areas of sustainability and conservation. In this course, we’ll study the various ways in which people communicate about sustainability, from the formal (press releases, feasibility studies, policy documents) to the informal (social media rhetoric). While we discuss topics at the national level, this course emphasizes local initiatives, so students can analyze how communication shapes their community.
For more information, see the master syllabus.

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