Course Registration

How Do I Get Started?

If you take Business & Technical Communications courses at Austin Community College for regular academic credit, you must go through the admission process. For more information, visit the ACC Admissions site.

There is no admissions process for courses taken as continuing education.

How Do I Register?

Once you’ve been admitted to the college, you can register for academic credit courses when the registration periods begin. That’s mid-October for spring semesters; mid-April for summer semesters; mid-May for fall semesters. Registration for continuing education occurs at the same time.

To register for classes, you can find the online course catalog here. For more information, visit the ACC Registration site.

You can register for Business & Technical Communications courses in one of two ways:

  1. Regular academic credit. To get an formal academic certificate or degree, you must take courses for regular academic credit. This entails admission to the college and tuition payment according to where you live. You can transfer in any relevant college course work you have done. You can complete the certificate or degree by distance. As a distance student, you can apply local course work to the certificate or degree as long as at least 25% of your course work is “in residence” at Austin Community College. (Online Austin Community College courses are considered “in residence.”) To find out more about the full academic-credit degrees and certificates, keep reading and then return to the main page.
  2. Continuing education. You can take Business & Technical Communications courses as continuing education—either in the classroom or by distance. With this option, you do not have to apply for admission to the college, and you pay the same tuition (roughly the same as in-district tuition) no matter you live. However, you must “convert” courses taken as continuing education to official academic credit. To find out more about continuing-education degrees and certificates, keep reading and then go to the Continuing Education page.

If you plan to go for a degree or certificate (either academic credit or continuing education) or just take selected Business, Government, & Technical Communications courses, contact Wayne Butler, department chair, at or 512-223-4809 for more information.

Remember: there is no admissions process for courses taken as continuing education.

What About Distance Learning Students?

Austin Community College’s Distance Learning Office provides excellent support for students in online courses:

Distance Learning Office

Be aware, however, that if you are a distance student and want to take a course offered only in the classroom, accommodations can usually be made. The Business, Government, & Technical Communications program broadcasts the audio and desktop video for many of its courses over the Internet—it’s almost like being there.

For More Information

The Business, Government, & Technical Communications Department is located in Building 4000 on Northridge Campus, at the corner of Metric Boulevard and Stonehollow Drive. 

You are invited to write or call:

Dr. Wayne Butler, Department Chairperson
Business & Technical Communications Department
Austin Community College
11928 Stonehollow Drive
Austin, Texas 78758-3101

Voice: (512) 223-4809

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