Technical Publishing Courses

Technical Communication with Digital Publishing Systems

Credit Number: ETWR 2472
CE Number:
ETWR 2072
Course Description: 
Workshop-style course in which students use a digital publishing system to practice the structure and design of user documents; create fully “automated” book-length technical documents complete with automated tables of contents, indexes, table and figure numbers, and cross-references; and learn other features for rapid updating. Emphasis on teamwork and the project title in addition to organization, format, and style of printed technical documents.
For more information, see the master syllabus.

Fundamentals of Digital Publishing (E-books)

Credit Number: ETWR 2370
Course Number: ETWR 2070
Course Description: Explore digital publishing for business and technical communication in terms of terminology, platforms, standards, as well as academic, corporate, and web-based environments. Evaluate print versus digital mediums as they relate to the history and future of publishing. Learn how to publish using various professional and personal applications. Create and upload e-pubs, format to platform, use style sheets, and tag documents with appropriate meta data. Employ the standards of effective technical communication. Graphic design will not be covered in this course. This course was designed to be repeated multiple times if content varies.
For more information, see the master syllabus.


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