Department of Labor (DOL)

c3bc-logoCommunity College Consortium for Bioscience Credentials (C3BC),
a grant from the Dept of Labor: Award No.:   TC-23761-12-60-A-37

This Community College Consortium for Bioscience Credentials is a multistate consortium of 12 community colleges that will harmonize a recognizable set of core skills and competencies across the biosciences subsectors of laboratory skills, biomanufacturing and medical devices and introduce new, stackable and latticed credentials, that will assist TAA-certified and other displaced workers in getting new jobs.


General Information:

  • 12 national partners with Forsyth Technical College as lead institution
  • C2C grant runs from Oct 1, 2012 – Sept 30, 2017
  • $446,685 awarded to ACC, Department of Biotechnology and is a part of the lab skills hub


Strategy Number Strategy Description
1 Bridge the gap between TAA-eligible and other displaced workers and their preparation for entry-level jobs in the high-paying biosciences industry.
2 Harmonize a set of core skills across the biosciences and introduce stackable and latticed, portable, industry-recognized credentials for biosciences jobs.
3 Accelerate completion time in the programs leading to in-demand jobs.
4 Build the capacity of community colleges in and beyond the Consortium to meet emerging needs for biosciences training.

Grant Activities:

  • Accelerated and redesign BIOL1414 and BIOL 1415.
  • Modularized BIOL1414 and BIOL1415.
  • Design and “Introduction to Biomanufacturing”.
  • Skill standards for Biomanufacturing accepted by TSSB.
  • Working on developing a Medical Devices pogram (overlap with the Medical Devices hub).
  • Harmonize core competencies for Lab skills hub.
  • Reviewed alignment of TEA High School TEKS to TSSB and ACC Common Core Skill Standards.
  • Piloted teaching a modified high school version of Biol 1414 and 1415 in one high school academic calendar year to over 50 dual enrollment AISD/ACC students.
  • Piloted the Entry-Level I Certificate completion with a group of 8 high school students completing Biol 1414, Biol 1415, and BITC 1340.