Perkins State Leadership Grant

Austin Community College District (ACC) proposes a multi-tiered professional development program that will establish the infrastructure of the Texas Biotechnology Mentor Network (TBMN) for Texas Community College biotechnology faculty and high school teachers. The focus will be to increase the proficiency of high school biotechnology teachers to implement a consistent high school curriculum that meets CCRS standards and establish a professional support system via area community colleges to increase student learning, career awareness and transferability to college programs. The curriculum serving as the foundation of this project is the product of a previous grant developed in collaboration between ACC and the TEA to provide high school biotechnology teachers with professional development via its course delivery system, Project Share. Texas high school teachers who complete these courses are given professional development credit by the TEA. This project will provide advanced training and implementation support through online methods and face-to-face programs to build on educational content and laboratory training, educational strategies, practical skill building and career pathway information to share with students and increase enrollments in Biotechnology at the community colleges. $140,700

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