FaST Program at ACC

From left to right: Dr. Larry Britton (faculty member), Maria Jimenez, Dr. Tamas Torok (LBL “mentor”), Cristina Ramirez, Aaron Ramirez

FaST is F aculty a nd S tudent T eams, a program sponsored by the U.S. DOE and NSF’s ATE program. FaST is primarily targeted at community colleges. A faculty member and students are selected and funded on a competitive basis to spend 10 weeks of research at a DOE national laboratory. The ACC team shown below had the privilege of spending the summer, 2003 at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBL) working in the Center for Biotechnology. The experience was so rewarding that all 3 students applied and were accepted for a 14-week Fall program at LBL. Congratulations to Maria, Cristina and Aaron – three outstanding students in ACC’s Biotechnology Program.