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About the K–12 Program

Austin Community College in collaboration with the Austin Independent School District received an Advanced Technology Education (ATE) grant (DUE-0053296) from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for the purpose of establishing biotechnology courses in the Austin Area. Since 2000, the program as expanding to 12 ISD’s and 1 private school totaling 14 High Schools. The program would not be possible without the initial funding from NSF to adapt semester long college curriculum to yearlong high school curriculum. The initial funds also created a equipment loan center which is still utilized today.

Description of the Program

Austin Community College offers students throughout Central Texas opportunities to take college courses and earn credit before graduating from high school. There are two types of “Early College Start” opportunities.

Dual credit allows students to take ACC courses that can also count toward their high school graduation requirements (BIOL 1414 and BIOL 1415).

Credit-in-escrow allows students taking Workforce courses at local high schools to receive ACC credit for those courses upon enrolling at the college(BITC 1411).

Beginning in 2017, TEA will be offering 2 Biotechnology courses that articulate with the ACC Biotechnology course and may lead to an entry-level certificate. Please contact Jennifer Lazare (jkeelen@austincc.edu) or Angela Wheeler (awheeler@austincc.edu) for more information on bringing these courses to your campus.


BIOL 1414
Introduction to Biotechnology I
(4 credits)
Advanced Biotechnology (§130.364) Biotech 1 (§130.415)
BIOL 1415
Introduction to Biotechnology II
(4 credits)
Sci Res & Des (§130.372) Biotech 2 (§130.416)
BITC 1340
Quality Assurance for Biosciences**

What is Workforce? As part of ACC’s commitment to workforce development, the college has formed partnerships and developed articulation agreements with local school districts to offer coursework at the high school level in selected vocational and technical subjects. The ACC-developed Introduction to Biotechnology (BITC 1411 at ACC) course is offered as a year-long science elective in several Central Texas high schools. This course articulates to TEA’s Advanced Biotechnology.

In addition ACC’s commitment to promoting Biotechnology Education, ACC provides all curriculum and consumable supplies and also runs an equipment center. ACC continues support by doing things like organizing field trips and internships for students and believes in putting everything under a mantra of “We will do Whatever Necessary for your Class to be Successful”.

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Please contact Jennifer Lazare (jkeelen@austincc.edu) or Angela Wheeler (awheeler@austincc.edu) for more information on bringing these courses to your campus.