High School Course Pathways

Biotechnology Proposed Course Changes

Current course Biotechnology Advanced Biotechnology none SCI RES &DES (on campus)
Proposed Courses Concepts of Bioscience


Only used in STEM pathways

Although 1 credit, can be taught as ½ semester. Kids can get 1 credit/semester if all teks taught. Seat time DOES not EQUAL CREDIT time.

Biotechnology 1


Can be used in STEM pathway, health science pathway, Agricultural pathway

Can also be used as 3rd /4th year science course for graduation plans

Biotechnology 2

Science /CTE

Practicum in STEM (internship)
Reasoning Course currently titled Biotechnology is not a lab based/science course. TEKS are written as an introductory course to the field biotechnology. Analogous to Concepts of Eng and Technology course TEKS stay the same as currently approved Adv Biotech course, just change the name to allow for an extended sequence if students choose it as a career option.

This course stays as a

TEKS based on SCI RES & DES course with advanced biotechnology lab skills.

Allows for extended study in biotechnology for students considering this occupation as a career

Articulation with college courses NONE BIOL 1414* Introduction to Biotechnology I BIOL 1415*
Introduction to Biotechnology II
BITC 2486/2487*
Internship-Biology Technician/Biotechnology Laboratory Technician I