How to Start

Please follow the steps below in order to articulate your High School course with the ACC Biotechnology Program.

  1. Are you qualified to teach the course? (Coming soon from TEA)
  2. Contact your district CTE manager for course approval, funding and textbooks.
    Equipment Start up list
    Course TEKS 130.364 Advanced Biotechnology
    View TEA Resources page above for help with a proposal to your CTE manager.
    (Coming soon from TEA)
    Textbook: Biotechnology Science for the New Millennium
    Teacher guide and course planner that comes with this book offers a PLETHORA of curriculum ideas. Contact the publisher to ask for a preview copy of the book. This book is currently up for adoption for 2014 proclamation.
  3. Determine if you will teach the course as dual credit or articulated credit
    Articulation Safety Checklist
    Articulation Teacher Checklist
  4. Complete TEA Adv Biotechnology PD Course Online
  5. Make contacts with your local community college for articulation or dual credit. If your community college has a biotech program, they may be able to partner with you for supplies and college credit.