Philip Ordner: Adjunct, Asst. Professor

Philip Ordner, Adjunct, Asst. ProfessorPhilip Ordner graduated from Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi with a B.S. cum laude in Biology and a thesis-based M.S. in Biology, both reflecting molecular and cellular emphasis.  Thesis research involved HPLC extraction/application of novel, alkaloid, algal-toxin, called Euglenophycin, to several lines of cancer cells.  Additionally, he also brings several years of experience of a small business ownership and employment in the technology industry to the table.  Currently employed at Luminex Corporation as a Software Engineer in the Research & Development department, he strives to harmoniously integrate chaotic biology with organized technology.  While instructing at ACC, he hopes to disseminate knowledge to his students from both arenas.