Student Gallery – Milkweed Project

Milkweed Research Project team
Milkweed vine project group (left to right): Andrew Borel, Amanda Van Rhyn, Liz Kent, Kevin Strickland, Stephanie McCurley, and Christopher Currier.

Students in the senior Biotechnology Course, BITC 2441 (Molecular Techniques) isolate, clone, sequence and publish a novel partial gapC gene of a plant of choice to the national NIH genetic sequence database. This team chose the native Texas plant, Matelea reticulata, commonly known as milkweed vine. Some milkweed vines are host to the Queen and Monarch Butterfly population. Decline in the Monarch butterfly has been partially attributed to the decline of native milkweed vines. The hard work of these students paid off, and they successfully published a partial gapC-1 gene of Matelea reticulata to the national database GenBank Assession #KR270801.  To Kevin the best parts of this project experience “we were able to demonstrate knowledge required to contribute to scientific databases, while also developing bioinformatics analytical skills and scientific writing technique”. Stephanie is excited about this project because “it will look great on my resumes and will help me be competitive in my new career!”.