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Embedded Video Test

This is a test post to see how various video hosting serivces embedded video appears in the ACC WordPress Template. YouTube: PhotoBucket: Yahoo Video: Crazy Honda Ad @ Yahoo! Video

ACC WP Theme Update

Rather than calling this ACC Theme v 1.0.1, like they love to do with these WP releases, I’d rather just supply you with the changed file. This is an updated 404 page with the correct … Continue reading

Customized Email

Lately I have gotten a few requests for a custom email message to go out for various reasons. The folks wanting these emails often want a web page built right inside of the email message … Continue reading

Welcome to the ACC Webmaster’s Journal

Hi my name’s Edward and I’m the homepage webmaster here at ACC. I created this blog to communicate to fellow co-workers and others exactly what I was up to here at the college and to … Continue reading

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