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This category holds posts that highlight new websites that have been posted at ACC.

A whole ‘nother Level

Here at ACC the term “top level” of the website has meant “anything that the homepage links to or anything that Marketing controls”. As we have through the website redesign project this term has been … Continue reading

Updated ACC Web Templates

Recently I updated the IRT Resource website for Web Development. Along with this updated I released the updated ACC web templates. These web templates use PHP include statements instead of the full html markup as … Continue reading

ACC Homepage Update Preview

Welcome! Welcome to the ACC Homepage Preview Area! Here you can check out some of the new features the ACC Homepage has to offer and voice your opinion on what you like and don’t like, … Continue reading

ACC Homepage Update

Currently we are in the process of “updating” the ACC home page. A preview of the proposed page can be found here. One of the added features are drop down menus that contain links to … Continue reading

ACC WordPress Theme

For a while the idea of administering an ACC website using the WordPress CMS/Blogging software seemed logical because of the very nature of the software. It is not uncommon to find news releases from Public … Continue reading

Webpages That Suck Checklist

My boss sent me a check list from Webpages That Suck as a kind of general round up of widely accepted practices and I decided to go through it and see if the ACC home … Continue reading

Explination of the V.L.

With the absence of a content management system here at ACC and the need for some sort of standardization, I developed the “ACC Web Template”. I created two table-based versions of the template, one for … Continue reading

Flash Video

I wanted to try and see if my department could move messaging out to students in a form that was familiar to them. The advent of YouTube and other video sites has defined a sort … Continue reading

Homepage Calendar Update

The ACC homepage uses the calendar service from ActiveDataExchange to generate the calendar listings. The application is fairly robust and has many features we were looking for including the export function. One of the issues … Continue reading

An Event Apart – Austin

I was able to go “An Event Apartâ€? – Austin which was a one day conference for web people dealing with design , CSS, usability, and accessibility. It was awesome to be able to hangout … Continue reading

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