Developing a test website with Adobe Contribute

Often customers want to develop a test website for their department or area before posting it to the live site. ACC currently does not have a “test server” for webpages so I use my own personal directory to construct test websites before moving them into their appropriate directories on the server. Doing this requires me to actually construct the skeleton, and then port all the content into the test, and then physically move it over. To allow users to construct their own test websites, Contribute has been helpful. The process for this goes like this:

  1. Directory with same account name is created under my personal directory
  2. Website skeleton is created using information provided by the client
  3. Adobe Contribute is installed on client’s machine
  4. Connection Key to my personal directory is sent to client
  5. Client navigates to their own test page from my directory’s index using Contribute
  6. Client inputs their own content on their own. Changes to the menu structure if needed are done for them
  7. Client notifies me that their website is ready for “posting”
  8. I move the website into its appropriate area and check for functionality
  9. A new Contribute Key is sent to the client, enabling them to maintain the live site

This process has been a very helpful in enabling a client to review content and provide administrators with an actual link to a “test” site so they can get feedback and make changes on their own. So far only about 5 websites have gone through this process but they all have been very positive.


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