Explination of the V.L.

With the absence of a content management system here at ACC and the need for some sort of standardization, I developed the “ACC Web Template”. I created two table-based versions of the template, one for an external audience and one for an internal audience. CSS versions of both of these templates are now available. Upon the distribution of the template the requester is informed of the proper way of implementing the template along with many resources on how to develop, create, and maintain an ACC website. You can view this information at the Web Development website. What this list is a kind of journal that shows how a college standard gets broken down without the proper systems in place. Some of these websites the “webmasters” do what they can with what knowledge they possess. Others choose to ignore the suggested implementation of the college template. The thing that I find interesting is the mentality of “I’m going to use the ACC Template but modify it to make it my own, therefore validating a skill I have said that I have or for some other personal reason”. This defeats the whole purpose of even using a template and poses its own problems such as brand degradation, the “re-learning” of how an ACC website works for each individual section of the ACC website, etc. The template is not perfect and it can’t be used for everything but it can handle simple departmental and informational websites which is what I would guess 99% of the college website is.

Provided will be an explanation of the “Template Violation”. Some are worse than others, and some I am unsure of how to classify. If you stumble upon this journal and find this little list of mine and would like to be removed from it, email me and I will help you to “conform”. These observations are on design and implementation only, not in content.

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