Notes and Takeaways from HighEdWeb13

Creating a Responsive Web Community – Fantastic model for all things web I want to move toward

•    Don’t want to fix stuff – Do it right the first time.
•    Keeping content simple, doesn’t mean boring.
•    Content will always be king but content that works on all devices is Emperor.
•    “We really want to know what you think you need”
•    Rouge areas can be really engaging – These folks had to be “rouge” to get what they want done.
•    Define roles without “turf building”


E-expectations of College Bound High School Seniors

“What are users going to do after opening your email?”


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: The Future of Web Marketing in Higher Education

•    Acquia presentation – Drupal cloud services and development. May need them in the future.
•    SFSU portal – “Gateway” Built in Drupal
•    Capital Campaign- (Possible Bond model)
•    The Amplifier – Speakers and Experts Bureau on 11
•    Large 4 years – The User experience breaks down/changes as users move into Academic Departments

Tip: Get Front-end buy in and roll it out slowly.
Move toward centralized services – “You get this if you get on this wagon, if not good luck”

Postdesktop Usability

•    Trend vs Flat UI – Design needs to fit in with the real world.
•    There are higher numbers for ,edu for iPads than normal
•    @viljamis – “Content out, not canvas in”
•    Tablet traffic surpassed smartphone traffic
•    Users interface MORE with sites when on tablets
•    Skeemorphic vs flat: Talk about speed and relevance
•    “Reading the nuances of the inspector”
•    Great Responsive site: Connecticut State Colleges & Universities


YES YOU CAN! How to Train 650 CMS Users in 18 Months (with Only 3 Employees)

Western Kentucky University

•    Went with Academic Departments and Colleges First – !
•    As you migrate : How can I make my site work in this Template?
•    Create Self Help Websites
•    “Web Standards Committee” Town hall style open forum meetings
•    Over communicate – no abandonment, we will help you
•    Implement Suggestions, Listen to worries
•    Follow up and Follow through , be consistent
•    Do not allow access until they have been trained
•    Monthly “You Asked For It” Sessions
•    Note: They are still maintaining users/content owners by hand _ who owns what. :/


Practical Tips for IA with RWD

•    Duke Web Services – Agency Model, charges by the hour
•    Digital Signage What are you going to have on them? Does it really make sense to duplicate? Maybe Yes maybe no
•    Use meaningful messages that people Actually USE (Important Dates and Deadlines?)
•    Low income households – Mobile only access Therefore Mobile First?
•    Chunks vs. Blobs
•    Blob – Your content Goes here. LOL  No context once removed form form – Print jammed into the web. bleh.
•    Join Team Chunk – Structured content w/ Meta data to give context

Tools and Resources

•    Storify – – Used to reap an event through the event’s social media presence.
•    Webstagram – Embed Instagram images on your website
•    Style Tiles – Mock up tool
•    Sparkbox –
•    Foundation Front End Framework –

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