July 19 | Rio Grande Campus Renovations

In June, construction crews completed demolition on the center area structure and formwork for the ACCelerator slab. At the bottom level, steel columns were erected, plumbing and electrical risers were installed, and wall framing and mechanical/electrical/plumbing installation were started. On the first level, stairs were poured at the northeast entrance and underground plumbing on the southeast side was completed. Crews also installed beams and finished steel infill for the roof openings. Activities for July include beginning work on the elevator shaft and filling in the roof openings.

July 2019 | ACC Highland Phase 2

Construction crews continue to work over the summer on the Highland Campus Phase 2 renovation project, including waterproofing exterior openings, pouring sound slabs and ramps, open stair steel installation, and reinstalling permanent fencing around the chiller yard. The paseo stair and the roof connector bridge have been poured. Concrete block walls at the performance hall are completed. Exterior sheathing to strengthen the wall system and provide a layer of protection against outside elements is 90 percent complete with exterior framing and sheathing of the Paseo and south portion of the building still to go. Skylight installation is almost complete.

Underground utility trenching, chilled water piping, and storm pipe installation are ongoing, as are mechanical/electrical/plumbing overhead and in-wall installation, canopy work, and overhead fire protection.

This past month, construction crews also began work on the elevators, plaster in penthouses 1 and 2, and drywall in penthouse 3.

June 2019 | Rio Grande Campus Renovations

Construction crews continue to make progress on the Rio Grande Campus renovations. In May, shoring — the process of temporarily supporting a building with props during alterations — was completed at the south mechanical room and the elevated slab poured. Slab was also poured at the south multipurpose room. In the center area, the columns and beams from levels 0 to 3 were demolished. Plumbing pipes have been installed underground at the bottom level. In June, new slab will be poured at level 1 north entry and around the north and south chase. Crews will also start steel framing and metal decking at level 2 east entry and do the formwork for the slab in the ACCelerator room.

May 2019 | ACC Highland Phase 2

ACC Highland Campus Phase 2 progress continues despite the wet weather. The roofing on the north building is 95 percent complete and 65 percent complete on the south building, and exterior sheathing is 85 percent complete. In the paseo, exterior framing and sheathing is ongoing. The paseo stairs and roof connector bridge also have been poured. Waterproofing at all exterior openings is complete, minus the paseo area. Concrete walls at the performance hall are currently being installed. Interior framing; sheetrock installation; and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work are all ongoing. Underground utility trenching is scheduled to begin soon.

May 2019 | Rio Grande Campus Renovations

Renovations are moving forward at Rio Grande Campus. The contractor is installing formwork in preparation for pouring an elevated concrete slab which will become a new floor level for the future Student Commons space. Walls have been poured at the north atrium and the south mechanical room. Additionally, air conditioning equipment has been delivered and set in the basement. Grading and electrical rough-in also has started in the ACCelerator. Steel framing is ongoing on levels one and two.

April 2019 | Rio Grande Campus Renovations

Construction work continues to move forward on Rio Grande Campus. Waterproofing has been completed in the north atrium and has commenced in the south atrium. Underground electrical and plumbing also has started in both atriums. Crews have begun concrete removal in the basement corridor for telecom and plumbing trench and roof tear-off. The south mechanical chase slab and the footing between the ACCelerator and the south mechanical room have been poured. Window removal at level 2 has been completed. The photos below show the roof tear-off and pouring concrete in the north atrium.

April 2019 | ACC Highland Phase 2

Construction crews continue work on Highland Campus Phase 2. The structural steel erection was completed in February. Shoring and formwork for the connector bridge and social stair foundation at the paseo have started. The paseo canopy steel has been erected, and the loading dock slab and sidewalks have been placed. One additional chiller and cooling tower have been installed to the existing chiller plant. Steel roof decking is complete and roofing work and wall framing are underway. Drywall installation has begun on the lower level.

March 2019 | Rio Grande Campus Renovations

At Rio Grande Campus, crews have completed pouring walls at the north basement mechanical room and are working on electrical and telecom systems. Metal wall framing also has gone up on the second and third floors, walls are being installed in the south atrium, and crews are pouring columns in the campus ACCelerator. In the coming weeks, work will focus on window removal and duct installation.