Leander Campus design phase begins

Project teams have completed architectural programming for Austin Community College’s new Leander Campus and have moved to the design phase.

During the next few months architects will define how campus components will work together and draft conceptual plans. Construction is expected to begin next September and take about two years.

In recent weeks the Leander Steering Committee (composed of representatives of various ACC departments and constituencies) met with architects and consultants to discuss building needs and long-term options for the 100-acre campus site, located near Hero Way and Mel Mathis Blvd.

The 106,000-square-foot campus building will include classrooms and science labs, space for a combined library, Learning Lab, and ACCelerator computer lab, administrative areas, and indoor and outdoor common areas. The campus will have an initial capacity of 2,000 ─ 2,500 students.

Architects plan to take advantage of the site’s natural landscape, which includes green belt and a section of Brushy Creek.

Long-term plans include an early college high school and a YMCA on or near the campus.


ACC Leander Campus*

Feature Approximate square footage
Classrooms 17,500
Library, Learning Lab, and ACCelerator computer lab 17,900
Science labs 4,800
Offices for faculty, administration, and police 8,600
Student Services areas 4,500
Common areas 8,000

*Sizes may fluctuate as designs are finalized.