Leander steering committee meets

A steering committee representing various ACC departments and constituencies met to discuss the vision for the campus, including space and program needs. The steering committee will work with the Leander Campus Advisory Committee to ensure the campus reflects local needs and interests. Members of the steering committee are:

Mario Aguilar, Matthew Pappas (alternating), Adjunct Faculty Association
Christopher Chirco, Student Government Association
Darien Clary, sustainability office
Becky Cole, environmental health and safety
Charles Cook, provost
Lynn Dixon, district police
Ben Ferrell, finance and administration
David Fonken, mathematics and sciences
Silas Griggs, district police
Stan Gunn, information technology
Linda Haywood, campus manager
Dean Johnson, building and grounds
Dennis Kirkland, purchasing
Brette Lea, public information and college marketing
Mike Midgley, instruction
Brian Morrow, facilities and construction
Bill Mullane, facilities and construction
Ann Palmer, Faculty Senate
Richard Rhodes, president
Rachel Ruiz, student services
Gaye Lynn Scott, social and behavior sciences
Gillian Waterston, mathematics

Non-ACC members
Dorothy Fojtik, Facility Programming and Consulting
Bryan Sibille, Facility Programming and Consulting