Taxpayer Impact

The ACC taxing district includes the Austin, Leander, Manor, Del Valle, Round Rock, Elgin, and Hays school districts as well as the City of Austin. The interest and principal on bonds, if issued by ACC, are payable from those communities’ property taxes.

The college’s current M&O tax rate is 9 cents per $100 valuation. The college also has a debt service rate that is about half a cent. If the bond measures and tax cap increase are approved, the total tax impact is estimated to be 5 cents — for a maximum total of about 14 cents. That would remain below the current state average for community colleges, about 16 cents.

For a home valued at $200,000, the final estimated monthly tax impact after exemptions would be:

Standard homestead* Seniors, homeowners with disabilities**
Bond propositions $3.25 $1.17
M&O tax cap increase (max) $4.88 $1.75
Total $8.13 $2.92

*ACC taxpayers receive a standard $5,000 homestead exemption.
**Seniors and residents with disabilities receive an additional $125,000 exemption.

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