Intro Classes

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Free Classes

+ HSE (GED) Students
+ ESL Level 3 or 4


Duration: 8 weeks

Computer Basics Tu Th 7:00am
to 8:30am
Computer Basics Tu 6:00pm
to 9:00pm
Computer Basics F 1:00pm
to 4:00pm
Intro to Medical
F 1:00pm
to 4:00pm
Medical Terminology
F 8:00am
to 12:00pm
Entrepreneurship Sa 1:00pm
to 4:00pm

Course Descriptions

  • Computer Basics
    Learn basic hardware and software vocabulary, typing skills, web browsing, email and Microsoft Office.  After Computer Basics, you can repeat the class or move up to a higher level certificate program.
  • Intro to Medical
    Understand the many careers of the medical field.  Earn a CPR certificate.  After Intro to Medical, you can move into a certificate program in the medical field.
  • Medical Terminology
    Learn the basic medical vocabulary for many careers in the medical field. After Medical Terminology, you can move into a certificate program in the medical field.
  • Entrepreneurship
    Learn how to own and operate a small business in Austin, TX. We will introduce you to a business mentor for additional personal support.



Who can take these FREE classes?

  • ESL Level 3 or 4 students
  • GED (HSE) students

How long are the classes?

  • Each class is 8 weeks.
  • Classes begin every 8 weeks!

How can I register?

  • Enroll in a GED or ESL class.
  • Ask your teacher for a FREE career class!


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