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A series designed to help you implement competency-based education at your institution. Leading CBE innovators will give tips and strategies on focused topics in CBE program development and delivery and answer questions on these hot topics. Join us for these free one-hour webinars!

CBE Storytelling Project from C-BEN

CBE Storytelling Project

This project focused on growing demand for CBE and advancing field capacity to tell the story of CBE. Explaining CBE to key audiences including students, internal stakeholders (faculty/staff/administrators), regulators and policymakers remains a leading challenge for many institutions building programs. This project aimed to build the capacity of C-BEN members to tell their best stories in the most compelling ways to different audiences. Members of the Collaboratory Project 2 produced The CBE Story: A Strategic Storytelling Toolkit. Additionally, this project conducted a national storytelling contest and created an online repository of learner stories.

The CBE Story: A Strategic Storytelling Toolkit is available on this site.

Making the Case for CBE Programs: A Webinar Series From C-BEN and AIR

Making the Case for CBE Programs: A Webinar Series
Presented by American Institutes for Research, in partnership with the Competency-Based Education Network: C-BEN
Four webinars, presented in pre-recorded modules, can be found here.
Postsecondary competency-based education (CBE) continues to receive considerable attention from advocates, colleges, and policymakers-but we are just beginning to build rigorous evidence to understand whether and how CBE programs are fulfilling those value propositions. Our capacity as CBE practitioners and researchers to build this evidence by evaluating our own programs is critical to supporting the development of quality CBE programs.

This webinar series, previously presented live and now available in easy to access recorded modules, is designed to help institutions use data to understand the effectiveness of their CBE programs and continuously improve program quality.

Webinars in the series include:

  • Getting Started with Evaluation
  • Evaluation for Improvement
  • Using Learning Assessment in Evaluation (in partnership with NILOA)
  • Communication Evaluation Findings

View webinars here.