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Come study with us and become part of our diverse community. We can help you reach your career goals with affordable, hands-on training. Classes are held at Northridge and Highland Campuses and include evening and distance learning courses. With small class sizes and one computer per student in digital classes, the Game Design, Game Art, 2D &, 3D Animation, and Motion Graphics department offers an outstanding and accessible educational experience. Students wishing to enter any of our programs of study are not required to have art, design or computer experience, although it is helpful. We hope you will bring enthusiasm to our classes as well as a willingness to communicate, to solve problems creatively, to work in teams, and to commit to learning. Classes in the Game Design, Game Art, 2D &, 3D Animation, and Motion Graphics department can benefit students just out of high school, people who’d like a change of career, and professionals in the industry who wish to update their creative and technical skills. You can take the first step in the registration process at ACC’s application page. And check out more information about becoming a student at our get started page.

Transfer or Current Student in a different degree?

Are you transferring from another program? Or a current student who has questions about our degree plans? Our program advisers are here to assist you.

General ACC advisers are not always aware of changes to our degree plans, since we regularly update requirements in order to teach you the most current skills possible. There are numerous changes this year, such as the new User Experience Design degree and APT certificate.

Our goal is to help you find the quickest (and least expensive) path to your educational goal. Game Design, Animation, and Motion Graphics advisers are available to:

  • help you select your classes
  • determine if classes you’ve taken at another college can be applied to your
    degree plan
  • assist with financial aid appeals
  • answer questions about course numbers and changes to degree plans
  • help you determine when you will graduate
  • and much more


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Creative Design Technologies classes are offered at two ACC campuses.


Northridge Campus

11928 Stonehollow Drive
Austin, Texas 78758
Office: 3133 (Applied Games Lab)
Tel:  512-223-4864
Fax: 512-223-4444


Highland Learning Center

6001 Airport Boulevard
Austin, TX 78752
Office: HLC1-1424.01
(512) 223-7444
Fax: 512-223-4444