Committee Representatives

Classified Committee Representatives September 2016 – August 2017


ACC COMMITTEES 2016-2017 Classified Reps Backups
Academic & Student Affairs Council Bob Bohannan & Matt Campbell  
Administrative & Campus Affairs Council Cameron Keel & Matt Campbell Bob Bohannan
Shared Governance Review Counsel Bob Bohannan, Matt Campbell, Cameron Keel Bernie Hinterlong
Admission & Registration Committee Carol (Charlee) Knight Beth Pricket
Assessment & Advising Committee Antwan Dawson  
College Accessibility Committee Neelam Norani  
College wide Technology & capital Outlay Committee Megan McCormack  
Curriculum & Programs Committee Marie Fofi  
Ellucian System Steering Committee Laurin Lewis, Grace Yates Marie Fofi
Distance Learning Committee Neelam Norani  
Environmental Health & Safety Committee Bud Youhill, Regina Roberts, Bob Bohannan
Faculty Development & Evaluation Committee Sue Bloodsworth & 2nd Vacant  
Students Rights and Reasonability Committee Carol (Charlee) Knight  
Student Success Initiative Steering Committee Beth Prickett, Liz Morris, Rosemarie Martinez  
Web Advisory Committee Laura Ottmers,  2nd-Vacant  
AD-Hoc Committees    
Compensation Pending  
EAC  (3)    
Wellness Vic Smith  
Web Issues Sub Committee Vacant  
Futures Advisory Committee Laura Ottmers, 2nd-Vacant


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