Choir Classes

The ACC Choral Department has 2 sections of Choir for the 2019 fall semester. All sections meet at the Northridge Campus, 11928 Stonehollow Drive. You may register as a MUSIC MAJOR for academic credit OR register as a Continuing Education singer for non credit. The classes are the same, there are just two different routes to enroll.  Concert dates for the fall semester are: October 20 and December 8 at 4 pm.


To enroll as a MUSIC MAJOR for College Credit, SIGN UP FOR ONE OF THESE

MUEN 1143-002 College Choir, Monday 6:25-7:00 warm up, sectionals 7-10 rehearsal.

The synonym (for credit) is: 90537

This ensemble is typically made up students who are taking the class for credit and community singers who register through Continuing Education.  It’s fun!
For more information,  contact Virginia Volpe in the choral office, 512-223-4008.

MUEN 1151-001 Vocal Ensemble, T/Th 1:05-2:50.

The synonym (for credit) is: 90538

This ensemble is for the highly experienced singer who is capable of performing specialized repertoire including Classical works,Contemporary music and Vocal Jazz. The audition for this ensemble will include an assessment of skills: music reading, vocal quality, range, pitch recognition and choral music reading.

Singers in this ensemble will be asked (with advanced notice) to be available some Fridays in the semester to visit high schools for recruiting. For more information, contact Virginia Volpe in the choral office, 512-223-4008.


Don’t want to take choir as a college credit? Not a Music Major?  Don’t want the hassle of enrolling, submitting transcripts, and doing a bunch of paperwork?

Sign up through Continuing Education.  Here are the steps and below are the links.

  1. Meet with the Director for an audition
  2. Director emails Continuing Education to approve your enrollment in the class
  3. Singer enrolls.
  4. If you already have an ACC ID, you can sign up online.  If not, please go to the Continuing Education Office for       on-site enrollment.

Highland Business Center – 5930 Middle Fiskville Rd. Austin, TX 787852 (4th floor)
Round Rock Campus – 4400 College Park Dr. Round Rock, TX 78665 (Building 2000)

College Choir is MUEX-3043  Continuing Education College Choir Sign up (link)

Vocal Ensemble is MUEX-3051 Continuing Education, Vocal Ensemble Sign up     (link)