Communication Studies Internship Program

Recently the Communication Studies Department began an Internship Program for students in their final semester. The department reached out to Emmin Chng, the first student to participate in the program, to ask her about her experience and internship with Azarmehr Law Group. Emmin is featured on the Fall 2018 intership flyer.

How does it feel to be the first student placed in the SPCH 2389 internship course?

I feel really excited to be a part of this program and especially being the only student of the class was something that I have never experienced. I enjoyed being the only student because communication with the professor is a lot easier and she checks up on me regularly to make sure that I am on the right track of where I am supposed to be. It is also easier to keep up with the class being the only student.

Going into the semester, what were you hoping to get out it?

I was really looking forward to gaining experiences in a workplace. I never expected to be working at Azarmehr Law Group. In the beginning, I started out with applying to Apple for an internship because I believe that it would help me gain the experience I wanted since that it is such a big company. However, that plan did not go through due to the potholes along the way.

What about the course intrigues you the most?

The course is new and being the one and the only student for the first class is unique and rare.

I understand you’ve accepted an internship at a law firm; how difficult was it to find that kind of opportunity?

I think that it is rare for me to have an internship at a law firm. Being a lawyer was an idea that passed my mind but I never wanted to pursue it due to LSATs and many years of training. I did not think that as a communication major, I would end up working at a law firm. Azarmehr Law Group specializes in immigration laws and it is a diverse company. Being an international student, I fit into the family easily. Because SPCH 2389 is a new program in ACC, it was not as easy to find an internship. I applied to about 6 different companies.

In what way do you see this internship helping you and your future goals?

The answer I have for this question is the experience. I want to gain as many experiences as I can before graduating in order to have a good job that I enjoy. Internships help play a role in that by trial and error, trying new environments to see if it is suitable for me. Being an international student from Singapore, I could only work on school campuses and this helps me better prepare myself for my future job.

What kind of experience are you gaining as an intern?

The experience that I am gaining from Azarmehr Law Group is being able to plan things without being physically there. There is an upcoming UT alumni event in Singapore that I was a part of and I had to email the hotel regarding reservation inquires and so on. I also experienced the rush of CAP season when the firm gets extremely busy. Mr. Azarmehr will be getting involved with ACC’s Paralegal department in the fall and I will be helping him in this process.

How have you been able to use your degree at the law firm?  Why types of communication do you see at the law firm (thinking about the courses you took).

Communication is a vital role because I have to talk to clients as well as to my co-workers regarding the task I received. Sometimes when I have questions about a specific task, I can always “slack chat” my co-worker rather than heading over to her office if she is on a call. The type of communication we use at the law firm is horizontal communication.  I can easily speak to the boss without going through anybody and sometimes we have breakfast together while we chat.

Are you glad you took the opportunity?  Is it sparking any interest in going to law school?

Yes, I like the environment of the Azarmehr Law Group because of how diverse it is. My coworkers are also very helpful and caring.  There is a possibility there I might further my studies into the law aspect.

The department would like to thank Emmin for taking the time to provide feedback about her experience in the program and wish her continued success.