FAQs about Hybrid Courses

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a hybrid-classroom (HYC) course?
A hybrid course combines traditional face-to-face classroom instruction with online computer-based learning. This convenient format engages students in the active, autonomous learning process of an online course while also providing regularly scheduled interaction with the course instructor.
What is the difference between a hybrid course and an online course?
A hybrid course meets onsite more often than an online course, and less of the work is completed online.
How often will my section meet?
A standard classroom Communication Studies course meets for 1 hour and 20 minutes twice a week. A hybrid course meets only once a week, and there will be additional activities, usually web-based, in place of the other class meeting.
When and where will my section meet?
The meeting days, times, and locations for the classroom component are listed in the Current Course Schedule, just as with regular classroom courses.
What will we do in class?
Class time will serve primarily as a lab. During class time, you will participate in class discussions, group activities, and deliver your oral presentations. Each individual instructor will have his or her own specific requirements, which will be discussed during the first class meeting. It is especially important that you attend the first class meeting.
What will we do online?
You will be using the Internet interface called Blackboard (or another course management system) for the online component of the course. On the Blackboard Web site, there will be links to online resources to help you understand and learn the course material. There will also be instructions for the assignments and oral presentations that you will be required to complete.
Is the online work self-paced?
Hybrid courses are NOT self-paced. All assignments will have deadlines, and while you may work from your computer at your convenience, you will be expected to keep up with the class. All assignments and due dates will be listed on the Blackboard site and on the course schedule your instructor will provide during the first class meeting. You are responsible for knowing all due dates and submitting assignments on time!