FAQs about Our Distance Learning Courses

Frequently Asked QuestionsHow does a distance learning course in Communication Studies work?

A Communication Studies distance learning course is taught primarily online, using computer-based learning. Distance learning courses work best for students who enjoy active, autonomous learning.

Are distance learning courses self-paced?

No, though you may be able to work ahead of the course if you want. All assignments will have deadlines, and while you may work from your computer at your convenience, you will be expected to keep up with the class. All assignments and due dates will be listed on the Blackboard site and on the course schedule your instructor will provide during the orientation. You are responsible for knowing all due dates and submitting assignments on time!

question mark shapeAbout Meetings

Most distance learning Speech courses require some meetings throughout the term to submit major assignments and/or to deliver presentations. These meetings may be held onsite at an ACC campus or online using virtual meeting technology.

How many meetings will I attend?

The number of meetings varies by the course in which you’re enrolled and is determined by the instructor. Please see the course notes (in the course schedule) and/or instructor’s website for information about the number of meetings your course will have. You can also find information about the dates, times, and locations of the meetings in the course notes and/or instructor’s website.

Do I really have to attend meetings for the online Communication Studies course I’m enrolled in?

If your course requires meetings, those meetings are mandatory. Check your course syllabus for the penalties for missing a meeting.

I can’t make it to one of the meetings for my course. What can I do?

Missing a meeting will be an issue that will affect your course grade. Check your course syllabus for the penalties for missing a meeting.