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Center Board

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Board Officers

Board Members

Past Presidents

Advisory Council

The Center’s Advisory Council will oversee the Center’s programs and activities. The Council will have twenty-five members:

  • Robert A. Reyes, CPPPS’ President
  • Dr. Molly Beth Malcolm, Vice President, Community Engagement and Public Affairs
  • Two ACC Board of Trustees members.
  • Two ACC administrators.
  • A maximum of three ACC full-time faculty members.
  • Three ACC adjunct faculty members.
  • The ACC Student Government Association President.
  • No more than 12 Community members, including including the Executive Director of  the Texas Campus Compact.

The Advisory Council will provide the ACC President an annual report of the Center’s mission, programs, and finances. Based on the contents of the annual report, the ACC President may request an independent review of the Center’s programs and/or a financial audit.

Faculty Council

Faculty Council members contribute their experience and expertise to assist the Center’s director in planning and implementation of Center events, activities, research, and student participation. Members include:

Board Executive Committee

Members of the Committee include:

  • President, Robert A. Reyes
  • Vice President, Joene Grissom
  • Treasurer, Gigi Edwards Bryant
  • Secretary, Roberto O. Martinez
  • ACC President & CEO, Richard M. Rhodes, Ph.D.
  • Vice President, Community Engagement and Public Affairs, Dr. Molly Beth Malcolm

The Board Executive Committee meets in order to expedite decisions for ongoing issues between Board meetings.

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