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The Electoral College and Pathways to the Presidency in 2016 

This talk was given by Richard Herrera, Associate Professor at the School of Politics and Global Studies at Arizona State University. The video was recorded on September 14, 2016 courtesy of the Austin Community College Government Department. Running time: 59:30.

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We the People: Constitution Debate Day Celebration 2016

Jeffrey Millstone, Professor of Government at Austin Community College, guides us through an overview and highlights from the 2016 edition of this event. Thanks to John Breed, Video Producer for ACC’s Instructional Technology Department, for his assistance. Running time: 6:45.

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The Economy Furniture Strike

This is a feature length documentary about a local labor dispute which resulted in the political mobilization of Mexican-Americans in Austin and Travis County. This video is a part of the Jeffrey M. Friedman Austin Video Political History Project.

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