The Center participates with faculty, staff, and students at ACC, and with the communities and institutions served by the College. These partnerships involve:


  • Inviting community members, decision makers & opinion leaders (i.e. social service agencies, elected/appointed officials, state/city managers and administrators) to teach, mentor, lecture, or participate in Center events/programs.
  • Collaborating with community members or agencies (i.e. business executives, social services) in offering educational programs.
  • Having community members advise Center director as members of an Advisory Council.


  • Inviting faculty to work with the Center on one-time project/programs or on an on-going basis.
  • Possible sponsorship of faculty research and projects.
  • Requesting that faculty teach classes and offer lectures sponsored by the Center.
  • Having faculty advise Center director as members of an Advisory Council.
  • Encouraging faculty to participate in program planning and implementation as members of the Center’s interdisciplinary Faculty Committee.
  • Encouraging faculty to support center’s events/projects by informing students of opportunities offered by the Center.


  • Inviting participation from all students.
  • Working with ACC’s Student Government Association to encourage student participation in Center programs and activities.
  • Collaborating with ACC’s student-run voter registration group.

Partnerships with Schools and other Community-Based Organizations

  • Seeking collaborations with other non-profit, government, and educational agencies to provide educational programs, and research and internship opportunities for students.

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