Experiencing the E-Reader

On Christmas Eve, after eating a delicious dinner with my family, we gathered in the living room to pass around the goodies stashed under the tree. I was completely surprised, and quite thrilled, to unwrap a Kindle touch. I had casually mentioned to my mother that Amazon’s e-reader was something I was undecided on, but was interested in using, and in true mom fashion, she delivered. After pulling it from it’s simple brown paper packaging and following the quick installation process, I logged in to my Amazon account and began downloading some of the free domain books.

This is probably the best feature of the kindle: books that are public domain are free to download.

After downloading a few books, I put the Kindle back in it’s packaging, in to my bag, and drove the three days to Canada leaving the thing untouched. On the way home I finished a book I was reading, and between flights purchased a new paperback. It wasn’t until I had been home for a week that I even picked the thing up.

I should here state that I am a devout fan of books. I love the way the pages feel, the way books smell, I love highlighting sentences and jotting notes in the margins. And because of this, when I pressed the power button to turn my Kindle on for the second time, I did so with distaste painting my face.

I’ve been using my Kindle for a few weeks now, have gotten used to it’s interface, and must say that I am enjoying it. I downloaded a required reading Philosophy book to my Kindle and have found it incredibly useful.  If I could have all of my textbooks on my Kindle, there would be no question about it’s usefulness, and certainly, that option is available depending on your courses. Instead of carrying two or three books in my tote bag at all times, I have a very small and lightweight replacement that is much easier to transport on my bicycle.

The Kindle has many features that keep it from feeling like another piece of technology to deal with. Most importantly, the battery life is extremely sufficient. I can use my Kindle for a couple of days before needing to recharge it. Secondly, the highlight feature which allows you to highlight passages and make notes on what you’re reading is nice.

There is a definite difference in the two options, and I sincerely doubt I will ever forego book entirely, but overall the Kindle is a great alternative to it’s bulky paper sister.

Do any of you have an e-reader? What do you like or dislike about it? Would you prefer the IPad or Nook? Let me know in the comments.