How do I register?

What is a prerequisite?
Students interested in taking Beginning Creative Courses need to have completed English 1301 at Austin Community College or an equivalent course at another institution. For Advanced Creative Writing, students need to have completed English 1301 and English 2307. In certain instances, students who have already completed a bachelor’s degree might have the prerequisite waived. Contact the department chair for more information, cgullick@austincc.edu.

Do I have to be a Creative Writing major to take Creative Writing classes?
No, any student who has satisfied the prerequisite may take a Creative Writing course.

Why should I take a Creative Writing course at Austin Community College? We offer a range of writing classes, taught by published or produced writers. All of our faculty are working writers who understand the writing life and are able to offer their students practical insight. Are classes are small (15 for beginning, 12 for advanced) and this intimacy creates an atmosphere of trust and support for the students.

What can I do with an Associate of Arts in Creative Writing?
Most of our Creative Writing students transfer to four-year English degree programs, or for those students who already have a BA, they move to graduate programs in Creative Writing. A number of our students have won scholarships or fellowships at other institutions.