Computer Science

Plan to transfer to a 4-year institution and earn a bachelor’s degree? Check out ACC’s Computer Science transfer degree options.

Computer Information Technology

Want to earn a certificate or degree and start your IT career? Explore ACC’s seven Computer Information Technology tracks.

Computer Science and Computer Information Technology at ACC

Consider a Career in Technology

There are many exciting career options in the fields of Computer Science and Information Technology, such as computer programming, game programming, network administration, software testing, database administration, website development, and computer user support. Jobs in these fields are often listed in the Austin Chamber of Commerce Job Posting Report as most in demand, but difficult to fill positions in the Austin area.

ACC offers options

Accelerated Programs

Accelerated Programmer Training (APT)
— Competency-based program offering computer courses online and at your pace

Career ACCelerator
— A partnership between Austin Community College and Capital IDEA that helps hard working, low-income adults build the skills they need to succeed in Tech Careers.

Women in IT at ACC (WIT)
— Competency-based and traditional education along with empowerment courses designed to support women seeking education in IT.

Skills needed to excel

icon graphic of two gears to illustrate analytical skills

Analytical skills

Are you able to use critical thinking to solve problems? Can you break things down to small steps in order to find a solution?

icon graphic for meet deadlines

Meet deadlines

Does meeting a deadline pose a challenge you can’t ignore? Do you pride yourself on your ability to plan and use your time wisely?

icon graphic of an ice cube to show grace under fire

Grace under fire

When others are losing their cool, are you the one who can keep their head? Are you able to stay calm when the pressure is on?

Icon graphic of a robot to show passion for technology

Passion for tech

Are you obsessed with technology? Do you spend your free time gaming, building apps, helping your less techie friends?

Stylized graphic of people holding hands

Team player

Can you work with others to solve problems? Are you open to other people’s suggestions to work toward the best solution?

Icon of a puzzle piece to illustrate persistance

Stays on task

Do you approach a challenge as if it were a puzzle? Can you focus for hours, determined to find a solution to the problem?

Icon of a magnifying glass to illustrate detail oriented skill

Detail oriented

Do you notice details that other’s miss? Do you spot visual inconsistencies and spelling errors without even trying?

icon graphic of chameleon to show adaptability

Adapt to change

Does the idea of change make you excited for a new challenge? Does the thought of doing the same thing for years terrify you?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are courses available at all campuses?

Introductory courses in Computer Science and Computer Information Technology are offered at most campuses. Check the ACC online course schedule for specific course locations.

How do I choose a career path?

There are many Computer Science and Computer Information Technology programs, so how do you choose? Attend an Area of Study information session, check out the different career tracks on the CIT page and watch the videos or meet with an advisor. We want to help you find the educational track that is right for you.

I work full-time. Can I get a degree online or on the weekends?

Many of our students are working adults and work toward their degrees around their work schedules. There are online courses, evening courses and some weekend courses. We even have specialty programs that offer accelerated courses or supportive services to help you reach your educational goals, leading to a career in IT.

Do I need a laptop?

Having a laptop is not required but is recommended. Our students have had success with even inexpensive models but if that’s not an option, computers are available in the Computer Science and Information Technology labs. In addition, the ACCelerator, a 600+ computer learning lab at Highland Campus is also available. Ask your instructor or lab tutors for recommendations on laptop specs.

How quickly can I get into the workforce?

Want to enter the workforce quickly? A Computer Information Technology marketable skills award can be earned in one semester as a full-time student. Certificates can be earned in as little as two semesters and an associate degree in two years as a full-time student. Check out the Computer Programming track as an example.


What's the difference between Computer Science and Computer Information Technology?

Computer Science degrees at ACC are designed to get you on your way to a four-year bachelor degree in Computer Science.

The Computer Information Technology degrees and certificates are designed to prepare you to move into an IT career upon completion, however, there are also opportunities to transfer from some CIT programs. Check with your advisor or the transfer office for more information.